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Award-Winning Dallas Aggravated Robbery Lawyer

When you or a loved one is charged with aggravated robbery, you need an aggressive lawyer with the experience and legal knowledge it takes to get you the best result possible. You need the best aggravated lawyer you can find. The best aggravated robbery lawyers have experience, investigate their cases thoroughly, and aren't afraid to fight for their clients. If you're looking for that type of lawyer, you've found the right place. 


Results That Speak For Themselves

State of Texas vs. X.M. -- case DISMISSED!

State of Texas vs. D.D. -- case NO-BILLED by the grand jury!

State of Texas vs. R.V. -- case reduced to a misdemeanor deferred probation!

State of Texas vs. T.M. -- case reduced to a misdemeanor time served!

State of Texas vs. J.R. -- deferred probation with drug treatment

State of Texas vs. B.G. -- deferred probation with mental health treatment



"I simply cannot express how grateful...that Mike Howard represented me during the most difficult time of my life..."

"He made sure I understood everything about the process..."

"I will be forever indebted to him for taking good care of me..."

"They not only respected my son as an individual, but were also passionate and caring for him and our family..."

"I would highly recommend Mike Howard!"


A Different Kind of Lawyer

What makes me unique amongst top Dallas criminal lawyers is the time and individual attention I give to each client and their case. Many people have never been treated right by a lawyer. When your life and liberty are at stake, you need to know you have someone you trust fighting for you. Call my office now to schedule a free consultation and you’ll see just what I mean. No high-pressure sales tactics. No rush-job where you come out without any real information. All potential clients get a one hour appointment with me where we discuss their case and what the can expect moving forward. Take control of your situation: call me now.
— Mike Howard

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