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We strive to provide an easy client experience because your law firm should reduce your stress, not add to it.


Our Services

Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge is fills most people with anxiety. Mike Howard is an experienced criminal defense attorney who brings compassion, integrity, and dedication to every case.
Mike Howard lawyer

Personal Injury

When your injury is someone else’s fault, you need a team behind you who will fight to get you justice. Attorney Mike Howard and his team work to get fair compensation for their clients.

Our Team

Mike Howard Attorney

Mike Howard

Legal Assistant to Lawyer Mike Howard

Kelsey Carbary

Legal Assistant



  • Criminal Defense: You deserve to know what you are going to pay and what it covers. Unlike a lot of attorneys who bill hourly, attorney Mike Howard uses exclusively flat fees, giving you cost-certainty. No hidden fees for court appearances, motions, et cetera. Because you shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need, we break down our fess into a non-trial fee and a trial fee. The non-trial fee covers everything up to the point of setting a case for trial. The trial fee is only due if your case is set for trial. 

    Personal Injury: We use a contingency fee system, which means we only get paid if you are paid from a settlement or trial verdict. 





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