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Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Above all else, finding the right Dallas criminal defense attorney is vitally important. Police, prosecutors, and courts take criminal charges very seriously. First off, prosecutors often push for severe penalties such as jail or prison time, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record. Moreover, a criminal case can have an incredibly negative impact on your personal reputation, your family, and ultimately your employment opportunities.

Sadly, many people don’t realize how serious their case is until it’s too late and the damage is done. The right Dallas criminal defense lawyer can help navigate the criminal justice system and find the best resolution that fits your goals and needs.


Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been accused of a criminal offense in Dallas, contact the Law Office of Mike Howard. Most importantly, Dallas criminal defense lawyer Mike Howard has the experience, trial skills, and dedication that you need when you are fighting for your life. We will do everything we can to fight for you. Moreover, Mr. Howard will give you an honest assessment of your case and explain the law and your legal options. 

A Different Kind of Lawyer

We approach our clients differently than a lot of lawyers. Above all, our philosophy is that being a great lawyer is more than getting you a great result. First, our office is centered around you. This means we start by truly listening to you to understand your case and your goals. Further, our team works to provide you a client experience that is as easy and stress-free as possible. Answering your questions and keeping you informed is very important to us. Most importantly, we treat you as a person, not a number. Finally, our goal is to achieve the best possible result for you. If you’re looking for a different kind of lawyer you’ve come to the right place.

Our Case Process

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Listen & Understand

We focus on clients as real people. First, we list to understand who you are and what you need. Then we make sure we fully understand the facts of the case.
We explain the law, your rights, and the legal process. Because communication is very important to us, we strive to quickly answer questions and return communication.

Open Communication

We explain the law, your rights, and the legal process. Because communication is very important to us, we strive to quickly answer questions and return communication.
Simply put: we fight hard for you. In the courtroom, in negotiations, and before a case even is officially opened, we fight for justice for you.

Fight for Justice

Simply put: we fight hard for you. In the courtroom, in negotiations, and before a case even is officially opened, we fight for justice for you.

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Dallas criminal defense lawyer Mike Howard is experienced in handling a wide variety of cases. Moreover, we believe you deserve to be well-informed about your case, it’s possible consequences, and possible outcomes. Consequently, we offer information here on our website for free about various criminal cases. Take some time to find out more information about your case below:


Case Studies

The Right Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Matters


Murder is always tragic, but a wrongful conviction doubles the tragedy. Our client’s brother shot someone and killed him in an argument. The victim’s brother witnessed the shooting and wrongfully claimed that our client was involved. Police charged our client for murder and pushed for decades in prison. We investigating fully and were able to prove that he was 45 minutes away at the time of the shooting. Eye witness testimony, which was fishy from the start, fell apart and the prosecution dismissed the charge against our client and he walked out of jail.

Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child

There’s quite possibly nothing worse than being wrongly accused of child sexual abuse. Our client was accused by his ex-girlfriend’s teenage daughter of repeatedly sexually abusing her. The “experts” all believed her story. They arrested our client, charged him for indecency with a child, and sought to put him in prison and label him as a sex offender for life. We stood by him and fought for him at trial all the way to a NOT GUILTY verdict.

Assault Family Violence Impeding Breathing

Especially today, family violence accusations can ruin lives. Our client was accused of choking his ex-girlfriend and savagely beating her up. Even though she had no visible injuries the police charged him with felony assault family violence. Maintaining his innocence all the way through trial, we proudly stood with our client as the jury pronounced his NOT GUILTY verdict.

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

A contractor working on our client’s business tried to walk off the job carrying thousands of dollars worth of our client’s tools and equipment. Our client is the one who called the police thinking they would help. Instead they arrested him after the man accused him of threatening him with a gun. We investigated and blew the accuser’s story out of the water. The grand jury dismissed the case after they reviewed our presentation.


Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Howard

Above all, I strive to help my clients through difficult times with compassion and integrity. In Dallas innocent people can get accused, charged, and convicted when they don’t have a Dallas criminal attorney fighting for them. I believe in standing up for people facing criminal accusations and helping them navigate all that comes with being thrown into the criminal justice system. 


The cornerstone of my law practice is focusing on my clients as individuals.  I start by taking the time to understand not just the facts of their case, but who they are and what they need. Because I know the criminal justice system can be intimidating, I explain the process, their rights, and their options. Client communication is extremely important to me, so I make sure my team and I do everything possible to quickly answer questions and return messages.

Willing to Fight

Most importantly, I am willing to fight a case in court.  I have a track record of delivering fantastic results at trial. While not every client and case needs to go to trial, it can make a difference. When your Dallas criminal defense attorney has a reputation as a skillful trial lawyer who fights for their clients, however, it makes all the difference in the world.

Assault Family Violence Lawyer in Dallas

A Proven Track Record

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

J.C. – Assault Impeding Breathing

My client was a world champion professional boxer. He was wrongly accused of brutally beating up an ex-girlfriend. However, the woman had no injuries and looking for a payout. We took the case to trial and exposed her true motives in court. The jury found my client not guilty

B.B. – Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4 grams

My client had a serious heroin problem that was ruining his life. Besides this felony drug charge, he was also facing a serious of theft cases in multiple counties. We got him into a diversion program and got all his cases dismissed

L.M. – Sexual Assault 

Our client was a teenage boy who had consensual sex with a girl at a party. When her parents found out she claimed rape. We were able to fully investigate and convince the detective to reject the case

T.Y. – Assault Family Violence

My client was a dental student who started dating a dental hygenist student. Over time she became controlling and abusive. She wrongfully accused him of family violence and would not back down. We took the case to trial and the jury found my client not guilty

A.M. – DWI 2nd

Our client was a combat veteran with a previous DWI and a history of trauma related to his service. He has completed a prior pretrial diversion program so he wasn’t technically eligible for diversion again. We convinced the prosecutor to make an exception and his case was dismissed

M.J. – Continuous Sexual Abuse

Our client was accused by the daughter of an ex-girlfriend of repeatedly abusing her. We were able to show the jury that all sorts of motive existed to make this story up and that no proof existed. The jury found M.J. Not Guilty

O.A. – Assault Family Violence

My client was a doctor who had been married 40+ years. His wife suffered from mental health problems. When she had episodes she would become violent and abusive. My client had to call the police during one of these episodes but only wanted her to get help. Unfortunately, when she realized she might be going to jail she falsely accused him of hitting her. The police told my client someone had to go to jail, him or her. Ever the loving husband, my client chose to go to jail. We were able to convince the district attorney to reject the case completely

P.M. – Assault Family Violence

An ex-girlfriend was angry that my client had moved on. She set out to ruin his life with a wrongful accusation. We took the case to trial and the jury found my client not guilty

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Choosing the Best Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney For You

When you are facing a criminal case, you need someone you can respect and trust. After all, you are choosing someone who will hold your life, future, and happiness in their hands. You have to be comfortable with them and feel that you can trust the information and advice they give you.

First, do your homework. Search for criminal lawyers in Dallas and read their websites and reviews. Second, talk to several lawyers to get a feel for them and their staff. Does the lawyer take the time necessary to get to know you, answer your questions, and make you feel valued? Feeling comfortable with your lawyer is probably the most important factor. Finally, beware of lawyers who put the hard sell on you, who make big promises (no attorney should ever make a guarantee about a case), or who don’t communicate the scope of the work and their fee clearly and understandably in a written contract or engagement agreement.



What Makes Criminal Defense Lawyer Mike Howard Different

Some Dallas criminal defense lawyers take advantage of their clients’ inexperience with the legal process. We take the opposite approach. Because a knowledgeable client is a happy client, we provide a wealth of information in the way of articles about criminal offenses, blog posts, and videos for free on our website.

See our Criminal Defense Resource Center for an explanation of your basic rights, defenses, and other helpful information.

Check out our videos in our YouTube Channel for informational videos and client testimonials.

Visit our blog for posts on cases, defenses, and criminal law information.



Disclaimer: The information here is not legal advice. Reading this site does not create an attorney-client relationship with Dallas criminal defense lawyer Mike Howard. If you have a legal problem contact an attorney to get specific legal advice. Nothing on this site is intended to be legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.