Dallas Judges Rebel Against Unwanted System

Dallas has never had a good computer system for tracking defendants. Heck they're using Forvus, which is probably 20-30 years old (green lettering on black screen, that's pre-MS DOS). They've famously lost people in the jail, lost track of cases, scanned the wrong information into the wrong file, et cetera. To fix all this, the judges told the county commissioners what they needed in a system in order for the whole thing to work right. The county paid a company to get to work but pretty quickly that went to hell in a hand basket. The company went bankrupt right after tricking the county into giving it more money. So the county is left holding the bag. They've tried to take what the company had when it went belly up and work with that, but now that program is "finished" and the judges say it's a joke. So much for fixing the problem. 

The judges say they should walk away from this whole fiasco and buy another program. This other program just so happens to be used all over the country and is the very same program Dallas county already uses on the civil side. But no, the county commissioners want to throw good money after bad. What a surprise...

Mike HowardComment