probation violationS

If you or someone you love is facing a possible probation revocation or has just recently violated probation, the Law Office of Mike Howard can help you get the results you desperately need. Whether you want to have your probation continued or want off probation altogether, we will fight to get you a good outcome. 

From the beginning your legal rights are in jeopardy. You need knowledgeable legal advice about whether to talk to the police, what your legal rights and options are, and what to expect at court. If you wait weeks or for your first court date to come around, you may have already hurt your case. 

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probabtion revocation

Probation revocation cases are different from new offenses because guilt or innocence is not an issue. That doesn’t mean that we’ll just lay down and take what probation says as gospel. Some times the allegations against you are untrue or biased. Sometimes the probation officer has their own motivations or agenda for turning in a probation violation. In these circumstances we have the means and passion to fight back.

In other probation revocation cases, however, the human side becomes much more important -if the probation violation is true, was there a compelling reason that explains the slip up? Whether it’s a sick family member, losing housing or employment, or a relapse into drug or alcohol use, we understand that sometimes a violation doesn’t warrant revocation and it’s our job in those instances to make the probation officer, the prosecutor, and/or the judge understand your point of view.

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