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Federal criminal cases are more complicated than state criminal cases. Federal crimes are crimes are typically both factually and legally complex, with tight deadlines and harsher penalties. Conviction rates in federal courts are high because the prosecution is backed by the extensive investigation network that the federal government can bring to account. Contact with a federal agent - whether through questioning as a "target" or through an arrest - will put your rights, your freedom, your career, and your family at risk. With literally everything on the line, you cannot afford to delay to seek representation from an experienced and dedicated federal criminal defense lawyer.

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Federal vs. State Crimes

Most of the crimes people think about - like theft, burglary, assault, murder, robbery, et cetera - are prosecuted in state court. Federal crimes are different. They usually involve federal or national interests and/or crimes that occur across state lines. Whereas a state prosecutor will work with local police, a federal prosecutor usually works with federal law enforcement agents like the FBI, DEA, INS, ATF, and Secret Service when investigating, developing an prosecuting cases. While state criminal law varies from state to state, all federal crimes are governed by the Federal Criminal Code. Convictions in federal court are usually much harsher even for first-time offenders (with mandatory minimum sentences, heavy financial penalties, and lengthy terms of incarceration). 

Types of federal crimes

Dallas federal criminal defense lawyer Mike Howard handles a broad range of federal crimes:

Drug trafficking

White collar offenses

Federal conspiracy offenses

Internet crimes

Computer crimes

Child pornography

Immigration offenses

Drug related offenses

Healthcare fraud

Wire fraud

Mortgage fraud

Tax evasion

When facing a one of these allegations, it is of paramount importance that you have an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who you can trust on your side.