Active Case

If you or a loved one is facing a pending criminal case or investigation you worry might lead to a criminal case, click or tap below to get started:
Active Case Evaluation

Expunction / Nondisclosure

If you are looking to clean up your record with an expunction or a nondisclosure, click or tap below to get started:
Expunction / Nondisclosure Evaluation

Probation Violation / Modification

If you or a loved one is currently on probation and either facing probation violation allegation or are looking to modify your probation (including getting off probation early), click or tap below to get started:
Probation Evaluation

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Location and Parking

We are located in the Element Towers West Building at 3010 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75234-2710. The building sits between Josey Lane and Webb Chapel Lane. You can access the building either from the service road of LBJ Freeway (also called I-635) or from Forest Lane.

Parking is available both in the visitor parking garage or in the parking lot that sits between Element Towers West and Element Towers East.

Our office is on the 12th floor. Once you get off the elevator, check-in with the receptionist.