“At first we didn’t know what to expect when Mike Howard was appointed to represent my husband in his aggravated robbery case. We’d heard horror stories about court-appointed lawyers and worried whether he’d get a lawyer who would care and who would work his hardest for my husband. When the prosecutor made his first offer of 40 years in prison, we feared the worst. But from the beginning Mike Howard treated both my husband and me with respect: he gave us his time and made sure my husband understood his rights and his options; he and his staff always took our calls and answered all our questions. In the end Mr. Howard got the case reduced and got my husband probation. We are so thankful to Mr. Howard for all his hard work on our behalf.”

Janesha, client’s wife

“This man saved my life!! I don’t even want to think about what my future would have been like with a felony on my record and thanks to Mr. Howard I don’t have to. This man is brilliant and if you’re looking for a top notch defense attorney I would recommend Mike Howard. I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do I have Mr. Howard on speed dial. Real talk!! Best decision you will ever make I guarantee you that!!”

Patrick, client

“Recommended to me by a friend. Mike Howard! What can you say! I will be forever indebted to him for taking good care of me. Between his staff and his personal dedication to my case, I was throughly impressed and grateful to have such an outstanding lawyer/person in my corner. His office will do everything possible to work with you financially and emotionally. As worried as I was, he helped me understand the value of the law and magnitude of what could or should be rewarded under the harshest of circumstances that I faced. His vast knowledge coupled with his desire to get you the best outcome cannot be measured. When looking for someone who actually cares about your wellbeing, the choice is a no brainer in my eyes. Obtaining a deferred adjudication in my case was awesome! Thanks Mike!”

Rodnic, client

“Mike is the kind of lawyer I would have represent a family member: he is smart and has a big heart! And if that’s not enough reason to hire him, he is also the kind of lawyer who gets good deals for his clients from the government and judges because he is well-liked and respected!”

Clark Birdsall, Criminal Defense Lawyer

“My husband and I want to thank Mike and Trish for all of their hard work. They stood 100 percent behind my son, making sure his rights and voice were upheld in court!  They not only respected my son as an individual, but were also passionate and caring for him and our family.  Whenever we needed their help, their response was immediate and focused.  Thanks to this wonderful team, my son is on the right path!   Thank you again for all you have accomplished for our family.  I would highly recommend Mike Howard’s law firm!”

Cindy, client’s parent

“I had 1 felony and 2 misdemeanors. I was referred to Mike Howard by a friend who knew a lawyer that knew him. If I were to list off everything he did right I would have to write a book. This man is young, respectable, treated me right while walking that thin line between his client and the law. Specifically he got my felony dropped and 1 of the misdemeanors, and a plea for 9 months probation. If I ever need legal help again there is no question who I am calling.”

Marshall, client

“I cannot endorse my good friend and fellow criminal defense attorney, Mike Howard enough. Mike has been my mentor in the criminal defense arena for some time now, and he is an endless source of knowledge and a man of integrity. Mike works for each client, whether retained by that individual or appointed by the court, like the client is a relative. I have referred several clients to Mike, and they have all come back raving about the personal service and expert advocacy that he provides.”

Chad West, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyer

“We were recommended to Mike and he immediately helped us. He gave us all the details and helped get the best for us. I would highly recommend him because he helped us a great deal. I think things would be way different if we didn’t have a lawyer like Mike Howard.”

Anonymous client

“Mike is one of the rare few criminal lawyers who is simultaneously a great aggressive courtroom lawyer, and a thoughtful and thorough researcher and writer. His work ethic and sincere dedication to his clients have earned him my respect time and time again. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to endorse Mike Howard.”

Alison Grinter, Criminal Defense Lawyer