“I simply cannot express how grateful, pleased, blessed, and a hundred other superlatives I can’t think of right now, that Mike Howard represented me during the most difficult time of my life. I was charged with two serious felonies that jeopardized my life, and really, the lives of my friends and family as well. We all went through this together and Mike was right there along with all of us on what was the most confusing and terrifying journey of my life. He made sure I understood everything about the process – what was happening and what could happen. He was patient, kind, and understanding while I asked him the same questions over and over again just so that I completely understood exactly what was going on. I could write quite a bit more about how much I appreciate Mike and his team for everything they did for me, but I’ll just leave it at this – it’s a beautiful morning, I’m having a cup of coffee while my dog sits next to my chair, I’ve read the news, and now I’m writing this review on my computer and it’s all because of Mike Howard and his team. I am eternally grateful.”

Brent, client

“I endorse this lawyer. I’ve known Mike for several years, and know him to be an enterprising and conscientious defender of his client’s rights.”

Bradley Lollar, Criminal Defense Lawyer

“Mike is one of the smartest and most focused lawyers I know. He also brings authenticity and creativity to his work. I recommended his services with confidence.”

Christian Souza, Criminal Appeals Lawyer

“I am a private investigator with over 35 years of law enforcement experience. I have conducted numerous criminal investigations for attorney Mike Howard. Mr. Howard always answers any questions promptly and is responsive to ideas that will be of help to the investigation. Mr. Howard is constantly aware of the progress of the investigation and asks that I get started on the investigation without delay so as no evidence is lost. Mr. Howard is caring and courteous to his clients, whether he is appointed by the court or privately hired. Mr. Howard also has a dedicated professional paralegal, Trish Hudson, who assists in scheduling court dates and keeping me, the client and family current on all procedures.”

R.D. Lewis, Private Investigator

“If you’re looking to hire a criminal defense lawyer Mike Howard is an excellent choice. A tenacious advocate, Mike cares about each individual client and has a well-deserved reputation as a straight shooter. While his courtroom skills and preparation place him among the best attorneys in north Texas, Mike is still just a genuinely good guy and I’m happy to endorse his work.”

Harley Martin, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Mr. Howard embodies all of the qualities one looks for in defense counsel, concern for his client, knowledge of the law, and respect of his opponent.”

Brook Busbee, Criminal Defense Lawyer

“Mr. Howard was referred to us and we are glad he was. He is approachable, factual and comforting.”

E.V., client

“I have to say that Mike is one of the best attorneys I have come in contact with. He spent over two hours explaining the legal process regarding my husbands case. Although I could not afford to hire him, I felt that if I had the resources I would hire him in a heart beat. He is kind, very knowledgeable and his secretary follows up as promised. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had that FREE initial consultation with me. His advice sure helped me get some peace of mind and much needed sleep. He is awesome, and I felt the need to make it known. It is the least I can do after he spent so much of his time helping me. I am a real person and no one paid me to say this.”

Luz, potential client’s wife