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Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been contacted by law enforcement or are facing criminal charges, your freedom and future are on the line. Before doing anything else, hire an experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney who has the knowledge and skill to get you to the other side of a criminal allegation and back to living your life.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

A compassionate and honest criminal defense attorney in Dallas with nearly 20 years of experience, Mike Howard handles criminal cases at both the state and federal levels. We handle a wide variety criminal cases, including: 

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Howard

Above all, I strive to help my clients through difficult times with compassion and integrity. In Dallas innocent people can get accused, charged, and convicted when they don’t have a Dallas criminal defense attorney fighting for them. I believe in standing up for people facing criminal accusations and helping them navigate all that comes with being thrown into the criminal justice system. 


The cornerstone of my law practice is focusing on my clients as individuals.  I start by taking the time to understand not just the facts of their case, but who they are and what they need. Because I know the criminal justice system can be intimidating, I explain the process, their rights, and their options. Client communication is extremely important to me, so I make sure my team and I do everything possible to quickly answer questions and return messages.

Willing to Fight

Most importantly, I am willing to fight a case in court.  I have a track record of delivering fantastic results at trial. While not every client and case needs to go to trial, it can make a difference. When your Dallas family violence attorney has a reputation as a skillful trial lawyer who fights for their clients, however, it makes all the difference in the world.

Assault Family Violence Lawyer in Dallas

A Proven Track Record

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

J.C. – Assault Impeding Breathing

My client was a world champion professional boxer. He was wrongly accused of brutally beating up an ex-girlfriend. However, the woman had no injuries and looking for a payout. We took the case to trial and exposed her true motives in court. The jury found my client not guilty

B.B. – Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4 grams

My client had a serious heroin problem that was ruining his life. Besides this felony drug charge, he was also facing a serious of theft cases in multiple counties. We got him into a diversion program and got all his cases dismissed

L.M. – Sexual Assault 

Our client was a teenage boy who had consensual sex with a girl at a party. When her parents found out she claimed rape. We were able to fully investigate and convince the detective to reject the case

T.Y. – Assault Family Violence

My client was a dental student who started dating a dental hygenist student. Over time she became controlling and abusive. She wrongfully accused him of family violence and would not back down. We took the case to trial and the jury found my client not guilty

A.M. – DWI 2nd

Our client was a combat veteran with a previous DWI and a history of trauma related to his service. He has completed a prior pretrial diversion program so he wasn’t technically eligible for diversion again. We convinced the prosecutor to make an exception and his case was dismissed

M.J. – Continuous Sexual Abuse

Our client was accused by the daughter of an ex-girlfriend of repeatedly abusing her. We were able to show the jury that all sorts of motive existed to make this story up and that no proof existed. The jury found M.J. Not Guilty

O.A. – Assault Family Violence

My client was a doctor who had been married 40+ years. His wife suffered from mental health problems. When she had episodes she would become violent and abusive. My client had to call the police during one of these episodes but only wanted her to get help. Unfortunately, when she realized she might be going to jail she falsely accused him of hitting her. The police told my client someone had to go to jail, him or her. Ever the loving husband, my client chose to go to jail. We were able to convince the district attorney to reject the case completely

P.M. – Assault Family Violence

An ex-girlfriend was angry that my client had moved on. She set out to ruin his life with a wrongful accusation. We took the case to trial and the jury found my client not guilty

Awards and Accolades

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney
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