Police, prosecutors, and courts take burglary crimes very seriously. Burglary cases and result in lengthy prison sentences and steep financial penalties. Moreover, from the very beginning, these cases can tarnish your reputation, harm your family, and damage your employment opportunities.

Many people don’t even know about some of possible consequences, such as loss of voting rights and loss of the ability to own or possess a firearm. It is extremely important to take a burglary allegation very seriously. You need an experienced and dedicated Dallas burglary lawyer in your corner to put forward your best defense.

Dallas Burglary Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been accused of a burglary offense in Dallas, contact the Law Office of Mike Howard. Most importantly, Dallas burglary lawyer Mike Howard has the experience, trial skills, and dedication that you need when you are fighting for your life. We will do everything we can to fight for you. Moreover, Mr. Howard will give you an honest assessment of your case and explain the law and your legal options.

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We approach our clients differently than a lot of lawyers. Above all, our philosophy is that being a great lawyer is more than getting you a great result. First, our office is centered around you. This means we start by truly listening to you to understand your case and your goals. Further, our team works to provide you a client experience that is as easy and stress-free as possible. Answering your questions and keeping you informed is very important to us. Most importantly, we treat you as a person, not a number. Finally, our goal is to achieve the best possible result for you. If you’re looking for a different kind of lawyer you’ve come to the right place.

Our Case Process

Listen & Understand

We focus on clients as real people. First, we list to understand who you are and what you need. Then we make sure we fully understand the facts of the case.

Open Communication

We explain the law, your rights, and the legal process. Because communication is very important to us, we strive to quickly answer questions and return communication.

Fight for Justice

Simply put: we fight hard for you. In the courtroom, in negotiations, and before a case even is officially opened, we fight for justice for you.

Burglary Charges in Dallas

Burglary of a Habitation or Building

A person commits burglary (Texas Penal Code § 30.02) if, without the effective consent of the owner, the person:

  • enters a habitation, or a building (or any portion of a building) not then open to the public, with intent to commit a felony, theft, or an assault. OR
  • remains concealed, with intent to commit a felony, theft, or an assault, in a building or habitation. OR
  • enters a building or habitation and commits or attempts to commit a felony, theft, or an assault.

For the purposes of a burglary case, “enter” means to intrude any part of the body or any physical object connected with the body. Therefore, reaching inside an open window to take property can result in a burglary allegation.

Burglary of a Vehicle

A person commits burglary of a vehicle (Texas Penal Code § 30.04) if, without the effective consent of the owner, he breaks into or enters a vehicle or any part of a vehicle with intent to commit any felony or theft. “Enter” has the same meaning as explained above.

Resources and Information

For more information on property crimes in general, see our property crimes page. See our criminal defense resource center for more information from Dallas burglary lawyer Mike Howard on fundamental rights in a criminal case, definitions of intentionally, knowingly, etc, defenses to prosecution, and more.

Burglary Offense Penalties

Burglary of a habitation is generally a second-degree felony. As a result, you could face 2 – 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. If burglary of a habitation involves committing or attempting to commit another felony, it becomes a first-degree felony. As a result, you could face 5 – 99 years or life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

Burglary of a building other than a habitation is a state jail felony. As a result, you could face 6 months – 2 years in the state jail facility and up to a $10,000 fine.

Burglary of a Vehicle is generally a Class A misdemeanor. As a result, you could face up to 1 year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine. It is a state jail felony if the accused person has been convicted two or more times of burglary of a vehicle or the burglary is of a rail car. It is a third-degree felony if the actor breaks into a vehicle with the intent to commit a theft of a controlled substance.

Defending Burglary Charges in Dallas

First and foremost, the prosecutor must prove their allegation beyond a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor cannot rule out each and every possible reasonable doubt, the presumption of innocence prevails. As a result, the court must find you not guilty. This means you don’t have to prove that you didn’t do it. You don’t have to prove anything!

The only way the prosecution wins is if the jury believes their story is the only reasonable way it could’ve happened. If they have any reasonable doubts that it actually happened, they must find you not guilty. If they reasonably think it could’ve happened another way, they must find you not guilty. This is the highest burden of proof in our justice system. When implemented by a skilled Dallas burglary attorney, it can be a powerful weapon.

Choosing the Right Burglary Lawyer in Dallas

Searching for burglary lawyers in Dallas can be overwhelming. After all, you are choosing someone who will hold your life, your future, and your family’s future in their hands. You have to be comfortable with them and feel that you can trust the information and advice they give you. Attorneys are supposed to always work in their clients’ best interest. That shouldn’t just be meaningless talk.

First, talk to several lawyers to get a feel for them and their staff. Do they take the time necessary to get to know you, to listen to what’s important to you, and answer your questions? Second, do they show you that you matter to them as a person and not just as a fee? Third, beware of lawyers who put the hard sell on you, who make big promises. No attorney should ever make a guarantee about a case. Finally, absolutely avoid a lawyer who doesn’t communicate the scope of the work and their fee clearly in a written contract.

What Makes Mike Howard Different

Many lawyers take advantage of their clients’ ignorance of the criminal justice process. We take the opposite approach. A knowledgeable client is a happy client. Therefore, we provide a wealth of information in the way of articles about criminal offenses, blog posts, and videos for free on our website.

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Dallas Burglary Attorney Mike Howard

Above all, I strive to help my clients through difficult times with compassion and integrity. In Dallas innocent people can get accused, charged, and convicted when they don’t have a Dallas burglary attorney fighting for them. I believe in standing up for people facing criminal accusations and helping them navigate all that comes with being thrown into the criminal justice system.


The cornerstone of my law practice is focusing on my clients as individuals.  I start by taking the time to understand not just the facts of their case, but who they are and what they need. Because I know the criminal justice system can be intimidating, I explain the process, their rights, and their options. Client communication is extremely important to me, so I make sure my team and I do everything possible to quickly answer questions and return messages.

Willing to Fight

Most importantly, I am willing to fight a case in court.  I have a track record of delivering fantastic results at trial. While not every client and case needs to go to trial, it can make a difference. When your Dallas burglary attorney has a reputation as a skillful trial lawyer who fights for their clients, however, it makes all the difference in the world.

A Proven Track Record

Dallas Burglary Lawyer

V.K. – Burglary of a Habitation Intent to Commit Felony (1st Degree)

Our client came to us after feeling mistreated by his first lawyer. He was not a US citizen and chose someone from his background thinking they would be less likely to take advantage of him. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We fought for V.K. and got his first-degree felony reduced, avoided a conviction, got him deferred probation, and avoided any negative immigration consequences.

R.S. – Burglary of a Vehicle

Our client had never been in trouble before and simply made a dumb mistake. We fought hard to keep this one blimp on the radar from ruining our client’s entire future. We got her into a diversion program where her case was dismissed and she was able to get a full expunction.

M.J. Burglary of a Habitation

Our client had a long, sad history of mental health problems. He was also not a US citizen, so handling his case incorrectly could have catastrophic consequences. We got his case reduced to a misdemeanor, got him deferred probation, and avoided any negative immigration consequences.