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An expunction in Texas allows you to remove information about certain arrests, charges, or convictions from your record. In Dallas, expunging a criminal record is possible under specific circumstances and allows an individual to treat such charges as if they never occurred.

In cases where a criminal record expunction in Dallas isn’t achievable or denied, non-disclosure is the next best option. A non-disclosure order allows you to seal criminal records or limit their accessibility to law enforcement bodies. Once records are sealed, they are no longer available for public discovery. However, government entities, criminal justice agencies, and licensing agencies can still access them.

Dallas Expungement Lawyer, Mike Howard has years of experience helping clients expunge or seal their criminal records. If you would like a criminal record expunction in Dallas, the Law Office of Mike Howard has the skills and experience to help. We’ll even offer a free assessment and consultation to help you decide whether you want to work with us.

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Expunction & Non-Disclosure Eligibility in Dallas, Texas

Wondering how to clear a felony conviction from your record? The first step is checking whether your case is eligible.

You can expunge misdemeanor convictions under Class C charges for the following:

However, only certain criminal records qualify for expungement in Texas. These include:

  • Dismissed charges
  • Charges, arrests, or convictions due to identity theft
  • Arrested but never charged
  • A conviction that later received a pardon
  • You were charged but acquitted/found not guilty
  • You successfully completed a pretrial intervention (pretrial diversion)

Expunction or Non- Disclosure

Some cases that are not eligible for expunction may be able to appeal for a non-disclosure petition if the individual has completed all terms of their deferred adjudication. Once the individual completes requirements set forth by the court, such as rehabilitation, community service, etc., they can apply for a non-disclosure.

Depending on the charges and individual cases, you may have a waiting period before applying for an expunction or non-disclosure.

What Charges Can’t Be Sealed in TX?

Of course, some charges are not eligible for nondisclosure, such as:

How to Expunge Your Record in Texas?

Here’s how to expunge a criminal record in Dallas after the waiting period:

  • Prepare a Petition for Expunction with the district court requesting an Order for Expunction.
  • File your petition with the appropriate court.
  • Wait for the court’s notice for the hearing.
  • Attend the hearing where the state can contest your expunction
  • Keep an Order of Expunction for the judge to sign (if the court grants the expunction).

If granted, the signed Order of Expunction is sent to all agencies and organizations with files related to the expunged offense.

Expunction Timeline

From filing a petition to the ruling, the expungement process usually takes 3 to 4 months. Once the court grants you an expunction, it may still take up to 6 months for all records to be cleared from the database of agencies and organizations.

Expunction Denials

The process may seem relatively simple, but the complexity lies in its execution. A poorly drafted petition or errors in following the procedure may result in severe consequences. To ensure an effective expunction, working with an experienced expunction attorney in Dallas is necessary.

Note that despite being eligible for expunction and non-disclosure, you may still be denied. That’s precisely why it’s important to prepare a strong case with the help of a reliable and capable attorney.

How to Seal Your Record in Texas?

The steps for sealing a criminal record in Dallas are similar to expungement. You must also observe the mandatory waiting period before filing a petition.
Then you can:

  • Prepare and file a petition with the proper court.
  • State your case at the hearing.

If granted, the order of non-disclosure seals the information on your record.
In most cases, it can take 3-4 months from filing a petition to being granted a non-disclosure. You may also have to wait an additional 6 months until the order to seal your records is carried out.

Of course, having a Dallas record-sealing attorney will relieve you from dealing with the task’s difficult and time-consuming parts.

“Mike and his team made me feel the most comfortable...

I called a few Attorneys and Mike and his team made me feel the most comfortable. This is my first time being in a situation like this but the professionalism and communication really put me at easy especially because I’m out of state I needed someone I could trust with my life. He broke down everything for me step by step and helped me through a situation that could’ve ruined my career. So I’d like to thank Mike again for getting my case rejected!!

Ashley Thompson

Frequently Asked Expunction & Record Sealing Questions

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Applying for an Expunction or Non-Disclosure?

It depends. For a nondisclosure, some misdemeanors can be nondisclosed as soon as you successfully complete deferred adjudication probation. Other misdemeanors require a two-year waiting period. All felonies require a five-year waiting period. For an expunction, it depends on the type of case and how it’s eligible for expunction.

Can I Expunge or Seal a DWI Conviction in Texas?

A DWI conviction in Texas cannot be expunged from public record but can be sealed if certain conditions are met.

Can the State Object or Prevent Me From Seeking Expungement?

Yes, the District Attorney can object to your petition, citing issues of eligibility, type of offense, public safety issues, etc.

If I Get an Expungement or Clear My Record, Can I Say It Never Happened on a Job Application?

Yes, you can deny the arrest and court case after a successful expungement or non-disclosure. However, in the case of non-disclosure, certain justice entities can still view your records.

Texas Expunction Resources & Further Reading

Please visit our criminal defense resource center for more information about your rights and the legal process regarding clearing your record of criminal charges.

For more information on the eligibility criteria for expungement and record-sealing, please review the following:

Also, check our blog on expungement and non-disclosure in Texas.

Why You Should Expunge Your Record in TX

In short, your career, financial, and social opportunities are all negatively affected by having a criminal record that’s accessible to the general public.
Our Dallas expunction services can help clear your records and begin life anew.

Whether you want a new job, obtain credit to start a business, buy a house, or purchase a car, you don’t have to be restricted due to a criminal record.
With an expungement or non-disclosure order, you no longer have to mention your criminal records on your forms and resumes or worry about them appearing in a background check.

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