Right on the heels of a dismissal of a trumped-up aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, I got another client’s two felonies dismissed today. This ends a long ordeal for my client, one that not only includes getting arrested, jailed, and charged with two serious felony cases, but also being represented by several different lawyers.

My client’s nightmare all started when he had a run-in with an off-duty police officer acting outside his authority. My client was eventually arrested for aggravated assault on a public servant (a first-degree felony) and evading arrest (a third-degree felony).

I was appointed to represent the client after he and his first court-appointed attorney didn’t see eye to eye and after his second court-appointed attorney tragically died. I immediately made a presentation to the grand jury and got his most serious charge reduced to assault public servant (down from a first-degree to a third-degree felony). I investigated the case thoroughly and found paydirt in the police department’s policies on off-duty employment (this officer was violating the police department’s own policies and had a history of doing so) and his personnel file.

After a long series of discussions with multiple prosecutors, the District Attorney’s office dismissed both charges. My client can now move on with his life without the shadow of felony charges and possible prison time hanging over his head.

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