Grits for Breakfast has a good post up about two similar bills being proposed at the Texas  legislature this session. HB 23 would require sex offenders to post an indication on all social networking websites  of their offense, the city in which they’re required to register, their name, date of birth, sex, race, height, weight, hair color,  eye color, and their HOME ADDRESS.

Look, I know people love to hate sex offenders, but this is not helpful in any way. It is more about shaming than smart public policy. It will lead to vigilantism. this not only doesn’t help fix an ailing old overloaded criminal justice, it adds to it by creating more crime.

HB 133 would require DPS to create a website listing people convicted of intoxication-related offenses that would include the person’s name, most recent address, and a mugshot.

Sex offenders are an easy target, but intoxication offenses?! Wow, talk about overreaching.

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