That headline is kind of humdrum because grand juries almost never indict police officers for nearly anything they do. In this instance, it was DPD Officers John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins who skated after Hutchins’ body camera captured one of them shooting a mentally ill man who’s mother called them out because he was “off the chain… bipolar, schizo….” Harrison was holding a screw driver. 

What exactly should a loved one of a mentally ill person do? If their loved one is off their meds or otherwise out of control, they’re ill-advised to try to handle the situation on their own. So you’d think they ought to call the police. After all they’re trained to de-escalate a tense situation and surely they should be well-trained in how to deal with the mentally ill…, right? In this instance, not so much. Harrison’s mother called the police to help her son and they killed him when he was (in my opinion) not much of a threat. Feel free to watch the (extremely graphic) video embedded in the link above and make up your own mind.  

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