The saga continues long after the dust has settled after Amber Guyger’s trial for the murder of Botham Jean in his own apartment. A quick recap: Judge Tammy Kemp issued a gag order restricting the lawyers for both the prosecution and the defense from making statements in the media likely to prejudice the jury. The night before the trial was to begin elected District Attorney John Creuzot gave an interview to Fox 4 News in Dallas making a few statements about the case. The next day Guyger’s lawyers brought the news clip to Judge Kemp’s attention and her reaction went viral on the internet. Judge Kemp eventually charged Creuzot with contempt of court for allegedly violating her gag order. He sought to recuse her. She sought to remove the DA’s office from representing him. A judge did recuse her and reversed her ruling on removing his office from representing him. Now a judge has appointed Tarrant County District Attorney Sharon Wilson as a special prosecutor in charge of investigating and prosecuting the case. DA Wilson, however, has
immediately asked for her own recusal. This process could go on for a while, as I discuss with Fox 4’s Shaun Rabb.

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