What really makes the difference when choosing the best criminal defense lawyer for your case? Is it experience? Specifically trial experience? Is it connections to judges or prosecutors? Is it legal knowledge or legal specialization? Is it awards, expensive suits, or a nice office?

A lot of these things do matter. An experienced lawyer who knows how to try your type of case, who knows and gets along with all the players involved, who knows the law backwards and forwards…all of these are necessary ingredients. But the one that most people forget is probably the most important – you need a lawyer who will give you the time you need to understand your case, who will explain your options thoroughly, and make you feel comfortable with your case and the decisions you make. Essentially, you need a lawyer who cares about you and your case enough to give you his time.

Like in so many other areas of life, time is money to a lawyer. I can understand why so many lawyers don’t give their clients adequate time. I say I can understand it, not that I agree with it. When you put your case in my hands, you’re trusting me with your life, with your future, your freedom, your ability to earn a living, et cetera. This is serious stuff. You deserve more than quick answers, more than just “trust me, I know what I’m doing.” But too many times clients hire me after complaining that another lawyer treated them just this way. And then when they’ve been with me for a short time they tell me they’ve never had a lawyer give them so much time, never had one take the time to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable.

At the end of the day, you need a knowledgeable and trial savvy lawyer who knows the system, but none of that matters if he doesn’t care enough about you to give you his time. When you choose criminal defense lawyer Mike Howard, you know you’ll have someone who not only has the experience, skill, and connections you need, but also someone who will take the time necessary to provide you with excellent legal representation. Schedule a free consultation with us, you’ll walk away with more information and more one-on-one time than with most other lawyers. Call now – 214-296-2221 – or visit us atwww.MikeHowardLaw.com.

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