People have good reasons to be skeptical of lawyers. As a profession lawyers have earned a fair amount of scorn and distrust. Sadly every day some lawyers double down on that bad reputation with unscrupulous and unethical behavior – making empty promises when it comes to case outcomes, confusing if not down-right shady billing practices, and not returning their clients’ calls within a timely manner. In my years as a lawyer, I’ve seen all this and had clients come to me more times than I can count complaining about how their last lawyer treated them.

Three things make me different: (1) Integrity. I am honest and straight-forward with my clients. I use a clear engagement agreement to lay out in plain English exactly what scope of work the client is hiring me for and what my fee for that work is. No surprises, no shake-downs. I speak plainly and honestly with my clients – I do not make empty promises or guarantees. In fact I often tell my clients “any lawyer who promises you an outcome is lying to you.” I neither sugarcoat things nor try to unnecessarily scare my clients or prospective clients – I tell them honestly what I think of their case. (2) Experience. I have tremendous experience working every day in courthouses around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex handling all levels of criminal cases. I have handled misdemeanor charges like theft and assault, family violence charges, all the way up to serious felony charges like murder, aggravated robbery, sexual assault, child abuse, and even capital murder. I work daily to cultivate relationships with prosecutors and judges based on respect which allows me to know how best to approach a given case. (3) Communication. I strive to keep my clients well-informed. I regularly communicate with my clients and explain their accusation, the process, the evidence against them, their possible defenses, and possible outcomes. I also use a secure client portal where my clients can securely message with my staff and me on their phone, tablet, or computer.My policy is to return all calls and messages within 1 business day because you shouldn’t be left wondering and worrying.

You shouldn’t wonder if your lawyer is on the up-and-up. You shouldn’t worry if your lawyer has handled cases like yours before or if he has a sound legal strategy. And of course you shouldn’t be left in the dark. If your lawyer isn’t checking all these boxes, it’s time for another lawyer.

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