Drinking and driving is always a bad idea. For years Dallas has been one of the highest ranking cities of drunk driving deaths AND Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D) is based right here in Dallas County (in Irving), so driving while intoxicated cases are taken very seriously. But right now is a historically bad time to get arrested for DWI because COVID-19 (coronavirus) is running rampant in jails across the country, including 54 (as of 4/12/20) in Dallas County Jail which is the most of any jail in Texas. COVID-19 positive inmates aren’t just limited to Dallas, however: Denton and Tarrant both have positive inmates being reported in the news. It’s only a matter of time until every jail in the area is exposed.

A DWI arrest has always been capable of profoundly impacting your life, but now a trip to the jail could expose you and your loved ones to a deadly virus that at the time of this writing has infected just under 2 million people globally (with just under 580,000 in the US) and killed just under 120,000 globally (with just under 22,000 in the US).

So think before you drink. You should be shelting in place at home, so stay at home and enjoy a drink without worrying about going out on the road at all. If you have to leave home to work or get provisions, don’t leave if you’ve had anything to drink! It’s that simple. Don’t take any chance that your breath or clothes could smell of alcohol in case you get pulled over. It’s not worth the risk. Have a pizza delivered or ask someone else to drive, for heaven’s sake.

And if, God forbid, you or a loved one is arrested right now, call an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away.

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