A hat tip to D Magazine’s FrontBurner Blog and Fox 4 for alerting me to this story – Arlington Police are saying they’re seeing people taking advantage of the empty streets resulting from people sheltering in place by speeding, often 30 MPH over the speeding limit and a even topping 100MPH. Arlington Police, not coincidentally, reported 2 speeding-related traffic fatalities over the Easter weekend.

This really should go without saying, but since it’s happening, I guess I have to actually say this: empty streets are not a free pass to drive like an idiot. At best you’re looking at a speeding ticket. Maybe the officer even arrests you for speeding (and as I’ve said before, jail is NOT a place you want to be right now with the outbreak of COVID-19 in our local jails). Or if you’ve been drinking or have some marijuana or other drug in your car or on you, you’re looking at an arrest and a criminal charge. Or worst you kill yourself or someone else. Don’t be that guy (or gal).

If you or someone you know finds themselves pulled over and arrested, contact me. If you or someone you know – God forbid – finds themselves injured by a reckless driver, contact me. Be good to each other and be safe out there y’all.

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