Recently, we were able to help a client reach the end of a long and challenging legal battle. That end was marked by the sweetest two words someone accused can hear in a courtroom:  “Not Guilty”. This case has been an emotional and intense journey for everyone involved. 

In 2018, my client’s life was forever changed. While driving her son, daughter, and her daughter’s best friend, their car was struck by an 18-wheeler Mack truck. The collision was devastating. Tragically, her daughter’s best friend lost her life, and both of her children were severely injured. Her son endured a traumatic brain injury, which took years to recover from, while her daughter suffered neurological injuries requiring lifelong care.

Following the accident, the police conducted an investigation, as is standard in fatal incidents. Their findings led to charges of criminally negligent homicide against my client for alleged distracted driving. They claimed she was speeding, ran a red light, was on the phone, and texting just before the accident. My client steadfastly maintained her innocence, insisting she wasn’t speeding, had a green light, and was not distracted at the time.

The stakes in this case were extraordinarily high. Beyond facing criminal charges for the first time, a conviction would have disqualified her from serving as her daughter’s guardian, a role crucial for her daughter’s ongoing medical needs.

Our legal team undertook a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth. Through detailed analysis, we were able to:

  • Refute Speeding Allegations: We demonstrated that my client was driving well under the speed limit.
  • Clarify Phone Usage: We established that while her phone was on speaker, a passenger had taken over the call during the critical moments, leaving my client undistracted.
  • Disprove Texting Claims: We showed that her last text was sent ten minutes before the accident, countering claims of distraction from texting leading to the accident.
  • Highlight Truck Driver’s Negligence: We discovered and presented evidence of a settled civil lawsuit against the truck driver, indicating potential negligence on his part.

Deciding whether to go to trial or accept a plea bargain is a difficult and personal decision. My client chose to stand trial and fight for her innocence. Her determination, and with the help of our team, there was a “Not Guilty” verdict.

This outcome brings immense relief and a sense of justice to our client and her family. While no verdict can undo the tragedy and loss they have endured, it allows our client to continue caring for her daughter without the burden of a wrongful conviction.

This case exemplifies the importance of thorough investigation and dedicated legal defense. It underscores our commitment to protecting the innocent and ensuring that justice is served. If you or someone you know is facing legal challenges, remember that you don’t have to face them alone. We are here to provide the steadfast support and defense you need.

Please share this story to highlight the importance of a dedicated legal defense. If you need legal advice or representation, contact us today. We are here to help.

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