I became a lawyer because I truly enjoy helping people. I know this sounds cliché; nearly every person wanting to become a lawyer makes that claim on their entrance application. Many don’t mean it – the law is a way to make good money and many see it simply as the path to making a comfortable living. For me, however, that cliché was and continues to be the truth. While many of my peers were starting their careers at expensive downtown law firms I began my career at Legal Aid. I might’ve made a tiny fraction of what they earned, but I was fighting the good fight helping the powerless. From Legal Aid I went to the Public Defender’s Office because I knew that helping people facing criminal charges was my true calling. I honed my skills and became a seasoned Dallas criminal lawyer. When I realized that – due to crushing caseloads as a public defender – I could help my clients more by going out on my own and focusing on a smaller number of clients, I created my own firm as a private Dallas criminal lawyer and haven’t looked back.

After all these years, helping people is absolutely still what gets me up in the morning. When clients come to me, whether they’re facing misdemeanor charges or the most serious felony charges, they don’t know what to expect and the fear the worst. Often times they feel alone even when they have support from friends and family. Sometimes the people they normally count on for support have turned against them. They’re looking for a Dallas criminal lawyer they can trust and count on. This is when they come to me for help. They literally put their future, their fears, and their burden in my hands. I offer them everything I can to put them at ease: knowledge of how the system works and what to expect, reassurance that someone has their best interests at heart, and belief that with my help they will get through this difficult time in their life. Over time, I watch as that client who came to me a ball of stress, fear, and worry slowly moves in a better direction. With the understanding and knowledge I give them they start to fear less because what they’re facing is no longer such an unknown. Perhaps most importantly, they know they can trust me to stand with them, to let them know what to expect, and to give them dependable legal advice. The most satisfying moments of my career is when I get that fantastic result for which my client hoping. I think back to when they first came into my office and the transformation from fear to relief never gets old.

I’ll never work at some high-dollar prestigious law firm. I’ll continue to work in a field other lawyers look at with disdain; representing “those” people…doing so gladly and with my head held high. That’s why I am honored to work as a Dallas criminal lawyer.

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