I always counsel my clients who are going to be on probation that they should do everything possible to establish a good relationship with their probation officer. Make a good first impression. Be on time. Be organized. Be polite. After all, your probation officer can make your life easier while they’re supervising your probation… or they can make your life hell.

When you’ve done everything you can to establish that good relationship but your probation officer is still making your life hell, it may be time to get a Dallas probation modification lawyer involved.

I have a client I just wrapped up helping yesterday who fits this to a “T.” She came to me asking if some of her probation conditions could be relaxed and others changed. Her request was very reasonable and I knew our chances of success were really good. I talked to the prosecutor and he was on board with our changes. I drafted a motion and a proposed order for the judge to sign and we had a hearing. The judge agreed and granted our request. In one stroke of the pen, the judge substantially improved my client’s life by agreeing to our requested changes. It was a major victory.

A short time later my client reached back out to let me know that she was still having issues on her probation. Her probation officer was not letting some of the judge’s ordered changes go into effect. In a short period of time, I had spoken to the prosecutor and judge and got it all straightened out. Another major victor for my client.

The takeaway is this: if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing but you’re still struggling on probation… or if you’ve been doing well and would like to have some of your more onerous probation conditions relaxed, I might be able to deliver a major success to you as well! See our probation page for more information.

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